How to add image to all family types in family document

I am trying to add the same image to multiple family types in a family document. I have already created some dynamo code to automatically export an image of the family (just one instance in a project document). I then would like to select the element and modify the image type parameter and add the value of the image using the path of the image I just exported.

I’m not sure how the path will work just yet (I think I may need to put all of this in a custom node), but I just want to be able to add the image to the image type. I am using the Orchid package (very helpful!) but I am running into a warning:

Warning: FamilyDocument.SetParameterValueByName operation failed. 
Element id does not represent either a valid element in the document or InvalidElementId.
Parameter name: value

I am attaching the graph below. Anyone have any advice? The most helpful post on this topic was here. I feel like I am missing something very basic. Thank you!

To clarify, I notice that when I call the current document method, I return that the current document is still the project document I am running this script from. When I import the image, it only imports into the project environment, not the family document environment. I think if I am able to import the image somehow into the family editor, I can make this work.