Import / Export Excel in Dynamo fails Revit 2025

Hello there

I have tried to use the Data.ExportToExcel node in revit 2025. Unfortunately, the node only returns zero. I also tried to use the export tool from Crumple but this also only shows an error message. I also tried to move the file to my temp path so that there are no problems with the One Drive, but that didn’t work either. The error message of the nodes is quite unspecific. The Dynamo Node only returns that the export failed. The Crumple node does not make an error but returns filePath zero and the report is also zero.
Has anyone experienced the same problems and knows how to work around it?
I have also tried deleting and reinstalling Office. I have also done a system update. The Revit version used is: there is no newer update.

Thanks for your help!

Just adding Crumple’s node will not work in 2025 as I use Microsoft interop tools which depends on Python .net. There are major changes in 2025 to the net framework/core versions and a lot of things will likely not work as intended for a while, particularly in packages supporting earlier builds.

This isn’t the first thread I’ve seen about this happening, but do try the OpenXML nodes instead. I believe the other nodes depend on interop as well, so might suffer the same fate in the interim. OpenXML nodes do have some quirks around formulae and unit assumptions in my experience so test carefully if they appear to work.


You can use BriMohareb_2025 rev to export and import data to excel. You can download rev 2025 which use .net 8


Thanks for your tips
I have now found out that it is due to the bit version of my Office. The DS.Core Node as well as the external nodes currently do not give an error message in this regard but return “null”. In the older versions of Revit there is an error message indicating this.
Perhaps a suggestion for Crumple?

32 bit office? I recommend flagging the reason for not upgrading to 64 bit and addressing whatever technical debt is preventing the upgrade before you eventually have to make the jump.

Coding interop for 32 bit would require a machine with 32 bit office installed, which means not having 64 bit, which will break most other interop tools… installation alone is a big ask.

Your best bet (beyond using another interop such as the open csv or csv files instead of excel) will be to look at the current code and write up your own interop method.

There’s a myriad of reasons why Excel doesn’t work in Dynamo/custom nodes in my experience. I did make a set of nodes that leverage pandas in Python3 in Crumple more recently, but of course you then need pandas to be installed properly for it to work.

As far as I know there is no 100% surefire way for reading Excel to work, although openXML nodes tend to work most reliably.