Import excel in drafting view and keep live link


Is there any way to import excel into Revit and keep live link between Revit and excel via dynamo?


Technically yes, but the “live” part might be debatable, at least for the approach I use. I use noteblock schedules with annotation elements to create live “updatable” schedules from Excel content. Basically just create an annotation element with the qty of parameters that matches your excel column counts. Set all the parameters to “instance” based. Create a dynamo definition that places an instance per excel data row in a drafting view. Then create a corresponding live noteblock schedule. If you maintain the Dynamo definition and keep it in sync with your project it behaves like a live link. If you were ambitious in family creation you could omit the noteblock/native schedule portion and just drag your drafting view on your sheet. The latter makes manual updates harder but doesn’t limit you to the graphical appearances of a native Revit schedule.


If you haven’t already, you could look at, their website says Revit plugin Coming Soon