IFC / Family classification and type

Hello, i export my projetc in ifc2x3 from my software, a building with metal cladding. My parts have been classified in IfcWall - NOTDEFINED. After with REVIT (2019/2020/2021 same result), i link my ifc file in a blank project.
After open the file “project.ifc.rvt” I have my parts in a family which is named “Walls (1)” But i don’t find them in the project in Familly\Walls\Basic Wall.
Can i use an dynamo script to do it ? I make some research but not yet find a solution.
Thanks for your help.
Best regards

You might want to test this in R22, there have been some improvements to IfcType conversions for Revit system families.

I have test it and same result, but the IFC 2022 plug in is not yet available on the appstore autodesk, so i’m not sure that this result can not be improve…

I make a test with dynamo, and i notice a difference between the native revit wall which have ElementType = Wall and my wall from my IFC are classified as “DirectShapeType”

Is it possible to change this with Dynamo ?