IFC export with custom setup possible?


Hi all,

what i’m trying to set up is the “Current selected setup:”

is there a way to select this setup inside python?
if not, maybe there is a workaround to achieve the same settings?

This is the setup: (differences to IFC2x3 Coordination view 2.0 Setup are marked red)


In @Alban_de_Chasteigners package, Genius Loci, you can find an IFC export node that allows for some costumization. But if you open the node and look into the python, I believe he’s included loads of actions but commented them out in the script. Have a look and add what you need :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! i ll look in to this on monday when i m back at the computer :slight_smile:


I have just released an update which includes IFC export…