IFC Export - Missing/Empty Properties

Hello guys,

I need to ask you another time for your help:

I have a model with several piles. These piles have the following properties:

This is what I get from the exported ifc:

As you can see the properties of ID-Daten (Identity Data in english) for example are empty.

This is how I set up the propertyset in the export options:

How do I get all properties of a pile exported? For example the group “Bemessungsergebnisse” is completly missing.

Might want to ask this over on the Revit forums - not a Dynamo issue.

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@leonard.moelders you can check the Revit IFC Manual:


Got it “solved”.

I opened the ifc-file in an ifc-Viewer and all parameters exist. Revit was the problem, as it did not show these parameters.

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