Exporting Material's thermal properties from Revit to IFC through Dynamo

Hi Everyone,

I am working wit Revit 2018, and it is unable to export thermal properties of materials through IFC2x3. I wanted to ask if anyone has a solution for exporting this information to IFC through Dynamo?

I want to use the ifc output for energy simulation.

Many thanks.

Hi Arghavan,

Have you tried using the plugin version of the IFC exporter? it’s available from IFC 2018 Exporter.

This plugin greatly enhances Revit’s IFC export capability.

Yeah I’ve used that. But it was of no help.
Revit can export object styles and names to IFC, but the thermal properties are not exported. I put a photo below to show it. You can see that IfcMaterial #407 is showing the name of the material that I created, but nothing about the rest of properties are exported.

Have you tried exporting them via custom pset? Works well for most elements, not sure about materials, though.

No, can you please give me a hint how can I do that?

Use this setting:

this is the information in IFC:

It´s Revit 2016 German, but it should work for you also

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Thanks!!! It worked. I never checked that option!
Now, I have to see if my Energy Analysis tool also read this data automatically through IFC.

But… to export another material parameter…

any idea?