IFC Export Node return an empty IFC

I want to automatize IFC Exports from multiple files (taken from bim360).
I’ve made a script based on another topic on this site. I run it throught some example files but I have a problem: IFC files are well generated but they are empty and, at this point, I don’t understand why.
If someone as an idea, would be appreciated.
This is the script and the result :

Thanks a lot.

@Simon.M ,

did you check your classification mapping and LOI Mapping?

Does it work manualy for a single file…

if this works, we can check your script (upload a high resolution pic)



Thanks for your reply. I have checked the both mapping. Since I have put only walls inside my test projects, it should works fine…
It works manualy for each seperate file.
(I’m trying to upload a higher resolution)

@Simon.M ,

can you make a snapshot with the camera symbol, showing the lfyouts


I wasn’t aware of it, thanks. I’ve upload it in my previous answer.

@Simon.M ,

is the phase correct…? there should also al phasefilter at “none”

I’ve tried to put a phase node and tested all different phase. As well, I have several objects in my tests projects with all the different phases to be sure to not miss something.
The result is the same everytime…

edit: I misunderstood sorry. Phasefilter has not a “none” option. Even if i try another phase it is not generating anything in the IFC.


This is not the right node. This one exports only the active document (which seems to be empty).
Use instead the Export IFC in Document node and connects the background open documents to the input document.
The lacing of the Export IFC in Document must be set to longest.

@Alban_de_Chasteigner thanks you, you’re the man as always.
True, I launch the script from a blank project. Does that mean all the 3 generated IFC was the same empty view exported 3 times ? ( because I have 3 3D views in my test project?)

Also, I’ve changed the node but it return null everytime. Even if I connect the input document into the list.flatten.