If it's not a double, string or integer, then what is it?

originally, I was just trying to exclude any entry from the list of panels if all the mullions were blank, I was having trouble filtering for the blank parameters, so I tried converting them all to zeros. I even tried converting the strings to numbers.
if it’s not a double, string or integer,
then what is it?
or more importantly how would I exclude entries if their index in a list of list contains all blanks? Converting them to zeroes seemed like a quick work around, but so far I’m not getting the results I’d hoped for.

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@TurtleWolfe ,

there is still a other definition of “nothing” :wink:

it is None

for i in elements:
    if i == None:

Isnt it just an empty string ?

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I thought I tested for string already, but I must have been getting the list after converting it to zeroes…
If that’s the case any entries that are all strings should give me the filter that I was originally trying to get. Thank you both.