Fire Rated Walls Filter Issue

Hi everyone,
I tried to filter the fire rated walls and it didn’t work. I used filter boolean mask.
can anybody find out why?
By the way, I filtered for “”, “0”, and “null”. the same result though.
Thank you,


It worked for me when checking if a string parameter was different of an empty string ( “” ) or if a int parameter was different from null. Maybe try to make sure that you are checking the right type of parameter.

Parameter.HasValue returns all True even one of the parameter doesn’t have value. I don’t know why?


Look at my first screen. The Commentaires parameter is a string. Thus, event if it “does not look like it has a value”, it still does and it is an empty string. Maybe you entered the Fired Rating parameter as a string : if so, it is perfectly normal that the Parameter.HasValue node returns only true values.

Yes; it is a string, but I need to filter it to return false if it contains no value. That’s the issue I want to resolve.

Then the value is just an empty string… I think you are not making a distinction between a parameter that has no value and a parameter that has “” as a value.

I’ve covered this case in the bottom right corner of the first screen. In your first screen however, you were testing if the value was equal to null, not the empty string.

I got it, thanks.
Now it works when I test it again empty string type.