Id to Element AttributeERROR

Hi everyone!
i have a problem with “Id to Element” it always work well but this time even if i do the same things and steps as usual it starts giving a problem.
It shows: Attribute Error: ‘NonType’ object has no attribute ‘ToDSType’
what does this mean?

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Try converting your stings to numbers using String.Value

i don’t find any String.Value in the browser on the left side.
I found String.ToNumber instead but it doesn’t work 'couse Dynamo recognize the string as a number and obviously can not convert it to a number again

Yeah that’s the node you need to use. Have you tried flattening your list before connecting to this node?

what does mean flattening the list in Dynamo?

The version of Archi-lab package that you are using is old. Please update your package.

The Archi-lab package that i have is old, but when i try to update it with the last version it tells me that it needs to uninstall the old one (and that’s okay) but it remains stuck even after hours in uninstalling the previous package

I frequently need to close and reopen Revit and Dynamo in order to uninstall packages and be able to re-install updated ones…

just done 3 times with no results…

I can’t help either with this or with Flux, but if you need basic reference guides, you can take a look here: (for flattening lists) (for OOTB nodes) (for packages)

Hi @francesco0berri

You could use Internal Selection method.


i finally intalled the new version of archi-lab.

how can i use this if i need to insert something as a text into a parameter matching it by the id element, i don’t need to extract the IDs 'couse i already have them.
I need to do the opposite: match the element by my IDs and assign to a parameter of this element a text.

why it doesn’t work?
i have only one document opened

@francesco0berri Here is one of the possible way

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this doesn’t work with me

Did you see this thread in the meantime?

found, thanks

@francesco0berri You will find it in library.

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