Invalid ID with ID to Elements

Hi everybody !

I’m having some issues with the node “ID to Elements”. I don’t understand why I have an “Invalid ID” error !

These nodes come from the archi-lab package !

Thanks !

Hi @Nathan_Nivill,

try this : (all nodes are OOTB in dynamo 1.2 except for Id to Element)

You could use dynamo’s internal element selection methods. For some unknown reason the Dynamo team decided they should not be visible to the library:

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Hello ! Thanks for your answers !

Mostafa, I tried to duplicate your script but I got the same error “Invalid ID” …
After that I found an other node from the Hot Gear Package : “Revit ID to Element” and it actually works … Don’t know the difference beetween this node and the one from archi lab …
I didn’t try your method Dimitar but I will keep it in mind if I have an other problem of the same kind ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help !