Node problem - ID to Element

Hi all,

Currently putting together my first Dynamo script and am running into a problem.

I am attempting to extract clashes from Navisworks and convert them into a parameter in Revit.

I am using the Dynaworks package and Archi-Lab for the ID to Element.

The problem I am having is with the node, ID to Element itself. everything in the script works up until this point but on investigation of the node it seems there is a problem within the node (see screenshot below).

On another note, I made my own node which doesn’t have the Doc input as it is not necessary but still has the same problem.

Any advice in this matter would ease my frustration! Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Use a different input name, like Id_Input. As Id is a system variable.

@Ewan_Opie - Thanks for the input, however it still does not seem to work.

As I said I am very new at this so maybe I am missing something fundamental?

As you can see the node is not working for my purpose :confused:


Can you post the code from inside the python node, within the custom node you are trying to create? Otherwise you could use the design script element selector demonstrated here.

Thanks for your help mate, here is the code…

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Why reinvent the wheel??

You can use already developed nodes?


I was using the Archi-lab node which didn’t work hence the question :slight_smile:

Thanks for info will check that out.

I believe archi-lab have been updated since you could try updating your package :slight_smile:

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Cheers mate!

Foreverblind, what version of Revit and Dynamo are you using? What Archi-Lab package is that Id to Element node come from?

You could just use the BuiltIn methods for selecting elements by their ID/UniqueID