I want to remove a slice of a building

Hello Guys,

I am working on a project that requires me to develop a dynamo script to cut or slice a building. I want to be able to draw a box and remove elements or parts of elements that fall inside the box, like cutting a slice of cake from a big cake.

I know that there is a scopebox/sectionbox feature that can show us the selected part of the building, but it does not make any geometrical changes. I need a script that can actually modify the geometry of the building and reduce its volume. Then my colleague can use PowerBI dashboards to calculate the reduction in CO2 emissions.

Is this possible? Can I use sectionbox or scopebox as reference and cut the building with that like in the picture below?
(I don’t know how to start and where to start. So I haven’t done any scripting)

@kuladeep561 ,

its depending what you want… you can also export as IFC. So you get what you see…

At least you should some attempts in scripting … to get any answer here



One idea - create a box shaped void family where the size can be controlled in the project and create a Dynamo script to cut all of the geometry in the view with the void. You will only need to run the script once as Revit will keep up with the cutting from that point forward. Then as you move or change the size of the void, it will cut away the geometry automatically.

It is a big lift if you haven’t done any coding. Some elements like walls, roof, floors - not so hard.
But what do you do about a door? Window? Toilet? Structural column? A lot of elements can’t be easily cut.

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