Section Box

I recently began teaching myself Dynamo through many tutorials and practicing scripts. Recently, I was approached with the question of how to run a script faster if it’s a large project in Revit? I could’ve sworn I had watched a tutorial talking about how you can crop your project in Revit with a section box, so that you do not have to run the whole building and that you could select the general area you were focusing on?

It’s possible to use all elements visible in view to reduce the scope. Also doable by bounding box containment, all elements at level, and a variety of other items.

Speed of dynamo graphs is a difficult thing to master; reducing selection set is part of the issue. Also worth looking into:

  • Managing element binding.
  • Reducing the data set by filtering.
  • Limiting your object conversions.
  • Leveraging simpler data types.
  • Removing redundant calculations.
  • Simplifying code.
  • Reducing scope.
  • Reducing the number of nodes.
  • Reducing the ‘trips’ to external data sources.
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