I want to give excel data for wires type parameters

Is it possible to assign excel data to the type parameter value for the category “Wires” There are 8 different wiring types and I would like to have a different value assigned to each of them.

Hi Yoshikatsu,
Try using this method. It’s basically a get and set param workflow.

You might want to reconsider naming the family types without illegal characters as well because they do tend to give you more problems than good.
Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your answer.
I could not find the node “Excel Read”.
Is there a substitute node for this node?

The Excel.ReadFromFile was an older version of Dynamo.
You may use this node here.
Things to note with Excel nodes are that the information direction is different from how Dynamo reads and lists its information so you may need to use Transpose and DropItems where it matters.
Your spreadsheet must be setup in a different way too for an easier read by Dynamo.
Hope that helps.

Thank you for your answer.
I got an error at the last part, and I tried all the methods I could think of, but they didn’t work. What am I missing to give it a “type sharing parameter”? I would like to have “X type parameter (shared parameter) name” for all the wires, and I would like to read the Excel data and assign “Z value” of “X type parameter (shared parameter) name” to “A type wire” and “Y value” of “X type parameter (shared parameter) name” to “B type wire”. The “B type wiring” is assigned the “Y value” of the “X type parameter (shared parameter) name”. I am sure that the part of which Excel data to assign to which wiring type is not working, but I don’t have the skills to solve that part.

So… this is a simplified script that I’ve made and you can try it out.

The issue with your current script is that it does not align to your excel list.
The list of the element and value has to be the same.
Hence, you might need to review what you can use to identify the element first. (be it family type, element ID or Type Mark)
In the script above, I’ve used Family Type but it can be substituted with Element.ByID from other packages such as Clockwork, Crumple, GeniusLoci etc.

In the Element.SetParameterByName’s parameterName requires a string only. Try hover over the parameter to see what it needs.

Also, I suggest going through primer.dynamobim when you’re free. It’s very useful for beginners. Hope it helped you as much as it did for me. Enjoy the process :slight_smile:

Happy dyn-ning!

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Thank you for your answer.
I’m sorry you were offended.
I didn’t have a good place to ask questions, and I couldn’t help but ask detailed questions.
I will try various things.

Hi Yoshi,
No offence taken at all! I just find that having clues to get your solution would help with the learning curve is all. Feel free to ask again if you’re still struggling.

Detailed questions are always welcome.

J Lee

Thank you very much for your kind reply, much appreciated!