I don't know how to use Civil Connection to extract subassembly point code

Hi, everybody, I’m a dynamo baby of using a civil connection. Does anyone have a problem of point code transfer from civil 3D to dynamo?


@chris.cn.low welcome to the forum. Can you confirm if you have experience in Civil 3D? Also the Subassembly point codes can be extracted directly from the corridor.
have a look at the examples here

Thank for you reply and help. i’m already read the instruction before and it is my subassembly

. Am i correct assign the point code?

@chris.cn.low the point codes in CivilConnection can be read from the corridor object. In this case you can access the Subassembly parameters and get the point codes too.




It works, but if i want to direct use the script BaselineRegion.Shapes to extract the corridor code and form the solid family in revit. Do you have any suggestion for me?


@chris.cn.low you cannot create a solid shape only from the point codes because if you have a complex cross section in the subassembly you do not normally have a unique code at every point. In your example it can be done because you a have only 4 points.
But even with your super simple subassembly, if you have instances next to each other (e.g. two lanes in a road), you are going to have duplicated point codes and it will be much harder to distinguish which point code to use.
The point codes in CivilConnection are used to extract the Corridor Featurelines.
If you need the Revit families you have the AppliedSubassemblyShapes.

Yes, you are right but at the end from the AppliedSubassemblyShapes, it just extracts only one feature line from the corridor. Four features should be extracted from the civil connection. I dont know why the result is only one feature line extracted.

Thanks for your help and discussion with me.

@chris.cn.low share your DWG. The AppliedSubassemblyShape is the gray solid hatch in a particular station along the corridor. It has nothing to do with the Corridor Featurelines.

Here is my file.
Share file.dwg (1.2 MB)

4 featurelines. You should have another look at the examples ( 02_Get Featurelines_2.0_DP.dyn), and spend some more time understanding them, it will save you some time.

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Thanks for your help. It’s a good chance for me to study and discuss with other dynamo experts.

you are welcome, I wrote CivilConnection so I should know a couple of things about how it works :slight_smile:

Can i ask you something about complex subassembly shape? If the subassembly need so many point code to define the shape (such as 40 points) is it suitable to use the civil connection to form the solid family? I mean is it any limitations or constraints of using civil connection.

yes, but you need zero point codes to create the shape

Would you mind to share this dyn script to me?

. I’m thinking how to create a solid after extract the feature line.


Where are you from?

Hong Kong

Are you a Revit user or a Civil 3D user?

Both I m using Civil 3D to form the corridor for horizontial BIM, so i need to transfer the corridor data through the civil connection to revit.