I don't know how to use Civil Connection to extract subassembly point code

Do you know how to extract solids from a corridor in Civil 3D? Do you understand how it works? If you want to create Revit families representing the same thing, you need to use the Applied Subassembly Shapes (just like the solid extractor in Civil 3D)

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Is that mean I need to create 3D solid corridor in civil 3D and then follow [01]Model_Create loft with sample lines_Shapes_2.0_DP.dyn extract the 3D corridor in dynamo?
Share file.dwg (1.2 MB)

It is my trial result that I follow the example to do it, the Applied Subassembly Shapes does not show the corridor shape. Is there any wrong step or concept on the use of Applied Subassembly Shapes.

Where I can learn about the Applied Subassembly Shapes? Thanks

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I also need to learn about the Applied Subassembly Shapes.