Civil Connection Between Revit , Civil 3d

Hello Is there a way I can transfer a civil 3d Corridor with its dynamic assembly to Revit . I heard of something called civil connection does anyone have the script ? I have created a tunnel cross section from subassembly composer and then I assigned this cross section to the alignment. I want this corridor connected to Revit In a way that if something(parameter/alignment) changed in civil 3d to change in Revit also once it is exported can we achieve that ?
alignmenet.dwg (925.9 KB)

I would advice to read the documentation. It says how to install the package and you have information as well as examples : civilconnection/Doc at master · Autodesk/civilconnection · GitHub.

On the installation, there is also a video : Install CivilConnection for Revit and Civil 3D - YouTube by @JMCiller

You also have some videos made by Paolo to showcase Civil Connection : Paolo's Screencasts | Autodesk Knowledge Network

And you have AU classes :


Thank you a lot for your help , Currently I am new to dynamo you can say a very new beginner . I Have installed the civil connection but I want a script or video that explain how I can connect them dynamoclly if that is possible .

Again thank you a lot

The functionality is in the documentation above. It’s a lot to do for sure, but if you skip any one step it will not work. Go through it all carefully.

This is not a tool I recommend beginners start with - one of the more complex workflows.

Thanks a lot for your advice Jacob, I know its a lot for beginner, that’s why I was searching for a script that can transfer the corridor of civil 3d to Revit , and have a connection between both . Is there a way we can do that ?

One with problem.dyn (26.4 KB)

I have this script I got it From CivilConnection - Create Revit Families from Civil 3D Corridor | Civil 3D 2019 | Autodesk Knowledge Network
I Copied everything but I had a problem you can see it in the Captures , How Can I solve this issue
Uploading: 2021.dwg…

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Did you resolve the issue. I am just getting to learn dynamo for this as well :frowning:

Hi Sabavoon .
Try Installing Civil connection This link explains how it to install it .

in the second link this one Civil 3D corridor to Revit with Dynamo and Civilconnection - YouTube
Try copying the script from the screen.
keep in mind you will obtain the geometries not floors and walls

I saw those videos and installed the civilconnection but wasn’t able to see the script in the second video.

If You installed the dynamo Packages . I will send you the script here when I arrive Home .

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Final Extracting Solids.dyn (27.0 KB)
Here is the script , for browsing from excel use this Family(Metric Generic Model Adaptive)
Metric Generic Model Adaptive

Make sure the civil 3D is open and the solids are extracted in it, make sure Revit and civil 3D are in the same units

Units and version! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes exactly, I was in A rush the version is an important part ,
@sabavoon Make sure you have the same version of Revit and Civil 3D

Thanks a lot will make sure to do so.

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When I run the code (civil 3d , revit, and civilconnection are version 2022 ) and civil 3d and revit are both open. I run into the following warning in the BaselineRegion.Shapes section
“Warning: Your inputs lie outside of the allowable modeling range, consider choosing the Large setting with a modeling range between 0.01 and 1,000,000 from the “Settings => Geometry Working Range” dialog”

In the dynamo, go to settings if I remeber correctly, then geometry scaling try making it larger there and see which one works

Can you include the Metric Generic Model Adaptive and explain why that is used, Thanks.

Hola amigos @ahmadkhalaf7892, @sabavoon, the package Springs Nodes have a node that can do the job FamilyInstance.ByGeometry, some thime ago I read a post from Paolo Serra that says that the best settings for Civil Conection and Civil3DToolkit is Geometry Scaling Medium, hope this works for you!!

With the scaling medium, I get the error shown in the picture, with the large scale, I don’t get the error and the file will run but nothing is drawing the Revit.