How to watch the Description inside the family?

Hi guys,

I’m creating a seed file and creating/duplicating families for many purposes, and I would like to know if there is any way to watch on Dynamo which families I’ve already input the Description, Type Comments parameters.
I was trying to use Categories > All elements of Category> but I have to select those parameters and I’m no sure how to do it.

Thanks for any help

See below. You can use the Element.GetParameterValuebyName and then filter only the empty ones.



This is working great - thanks!
Can I stretch to question, do you know anyway to actually show the parameter value/text?

Thanks dude

The Element.GetParameterValuebyName is doing exactly that. If you see one of the elements has the text “Commented wall”.
The last node is not displaying any text because is the result of filtering only the empty items. You can reverse the filter (length > 0) and you will get only the parameters with text.


I think the problem is, when I try to see parameters inside the elements, then it does’t show the text

Any comments?

Looks like you are looking to get Type parameters from an instance. Try getting the Element.Type first and see if that fixes things.

I second that, look what’s inside, a new world, and after that anorher new world :slight_smile: