Get the name of a Family Type Parameter used to set the Family Type

I’m trying to get the Family Type Parameter used to set the Family type but I cannot get dynamo to understand what I am looking for.


In this case I would want the result to be “Low Component”
This image is from the Family editor, but I need to get the value from the project environment.

the Element.Parameters node does not get me this “Label”

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Use Element.ElementTypes to get to the family Type parameters (when in Revit)

the Element.ElementType node gets me the Element Type of a specific Instance.
I’m looking to get the value of a specific parameter that (to my knowledge) is only visible in the family editor environment.

Dynamo can access those hidden parameters (i think)
After Element.elementType use Element.Parameters to see what is available

They are not visible with Element.Parameters (with or without the Element.ElementType node)
It should be an instance parameter as each nested family instance has a different FamilyType parameter to set the type.
Is there perhaps a way to get at this using some python scripting?

Nested families can only be accessed when the “is Shared” toggle is set to true.
can you check?

All of the nested families are shared, and I am able to schedule information from them as would be expected.
I am working with the Family Type Parameter, I can schedule the host family to find out what types they are set to but I need to go the opposite way, from an instance, get which FamilyType Parameter is being used to set the type (in my Case FamilyType)

I ended up creating a text parameter with the value set to the name of the FamilyType Parameter and accociated that to each element.
its a workaround, but at least it works.