Empty parameter values warning


Hi everyone,
I would like create a dynamo that helps me to reveal those elements (wall/columns) whose parameter (level-comments) are empty.
I had thought to proceed in the following way.
1-Create a second list with empty parameters.
2-Open a certain view.
3-Set elements in second list in red color
4-Set the other elements in transparent.
Firstly I don’t know If it is possible to accomplish something like that.
Is there any node to allow me to open a view?
Otherwise, someone has any idea how dynamo could warn me what elements contain this empty parameter.
Thank you in advance

Hi @JC.Moreno!

In this case, Revit can help you with its own tools. I normally use the following workflow:

  1. Setup a view template that has 2 filters for the families that you want to override. One of the families with the empty parameter and another with the not empty parameter (“comments” in my example). Choose how you want to override them;
  2. Make a schedule where you sort the families by comments and level. Then you will have access to the “selected parameter” with or without comments and where they are in the Revit file;
  3. You can also quickly click the “highlight in Model” and you will be redirected to the place where the family is.

Don’t get me wrong, I find Dynamo is a super useful tool, but in this case (if I understood you well) you could do it in a simple way inside Revit.
I still didn’t give a try to the Dynamo graph though.

See the attached image.

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Thank you, Joao, for the reply. The method you described is more or less the same I use. The point is that I would like to improve my limited Dynamo skills and what better way by automating some processes.

What about instead of changing the color of the elements to red, isolate them on a specific view? Use the node from Archilab package “Isolate in view”! Then you can select them all these isolated elements in Revit and fill the parameter that you want at once.

You can further develop the graph to automatically fill in this parameter in dynamo, but in that case, I wouldn’t isolate the elements (I just don’t see the point).

I don’t know how to help you with that. Making a script to automatically prompt an alert everytime that this parameter isn’t filled seems a complicated tool.

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I think that more or less what I was looking for. I had preferred that the view was opened automatically but perhaps that’s not possible.

I changed the (==) node for a (!=) node with the objective of filtering all elements that not contain certain values (HSS2, HSS1, HRDC, HT01, HT02 or HT03) and not only empty values.
The problem is that I obtain “false” for a value which is supposed to be true.

I would like to know if there is any way to replace the node (or) with something else elegant.

Thank you very much.

Since you are comparing strings, I would go for the node “List.Contains”. After it, you filter it with the “out” output node from List.FilterByBoolMask.

See if it works out for you.

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That solves my problem thank you!

I have a last question. For my list in _list containt node_I’m trying to create a sequence with certain values but I’m afraid this does not work like that.

There are a few options:

Keep in mind that I’m on 1.3 so you would use “[” instead of “{” as I’m using :slight_smile:

The PadLeft is needed as I saw you use 00, 01 and not 0,1 :slight_smile:

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Glad that worked! Cheers!

Thank you all for the replies!

That helps me too much!

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