How to use Schedule Formatting with a List of Schedules?

@Konrad_K_Sobon. Does your Schedule Formatting node work for multiple schedule inputs? It seems to be working for one ScheduleView input:

…but does not like multiple ScheduleView inputs:

That’s possible. It must have been a while since I touched that particular node and I don’t recall ever scripting it for multiple. Did you try lacing?

I’ve been trying to use @Konrad_K_Sobon’s scheduleFormatting node in dynamo 1.3 for revit 2016 and found that I couldn’t get it to work with a list of fields to have their headers renamed :frowning:

definitely not complaining here, archilab is an amazing piece of open source work :clap:
I’m trying to improve my pythons skills but its still a dense subject for me

as @Philip_Rothey I was also unable to get Schedule Formatting to accept a list of schedules but I did find that using a slider set to run on automatic was a quick way of going through all the schedules I needed to update

If there are any better ways of doing things I’d be keen to hear about them, otherwise this is just a heads up that a slider can be used to iterate over a list manually…

AddFieldsRenameHeaders.dyn (63.6 KB)

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I have three thoughts here, and would be surprised if any of the 3 failed:

  1. Define a list of field names, a list of new text, set lacing and levels accordingly, and then run it. This is the best and simplist option.

  2. Try placing the custom node and header values into a new custom node. Basically everything in the last DS/Python group. Then place that node on your sheet and set lacing to longest. This will force Dynamo to apply the functions of the custom node across all items in the list. This may require managing a custom node across your office which may be difficult depending on your setup, permissions, and skill set.

  3. Use a node to force the function to iterate over the list.

What an order. This is incredable.