Schedule formatting issues

Hey all

I have a problem with changing and add collumns in a schedule.

I would like to chance the column head naming, the collumn width and later add some new columns.

anyone have a idea how to solve this?

Option 1: Can you try going inside Custom Node and copy paste the contain in current DYN and then connect all the stuff so that you will see what error is throwing.

Option 2: Your output from FilterByBoolMask is a list of Single Item, can you write a[0] in Code block node and connect your FileterBoolMaskt to it and then connect this Code Block to your Custom node.

Both of the above solutions are just for debugging purpose, I am not sure whether that will solve your problem, but at least you will get to know where is the problem.

Happy to Help,


Hey Ritesh,

thanks Option 2 worked perfectly.

Do you also know have to add more collumns in a schedule?


It doesn’t work for me either

Schedule is a View not a string.

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