How to use multisurfaces of Alias in Dynamo as a single surface

Can someone please help me to understand how can we import multisurfaces from alias to dynamo and use as a single surface to get the continuous patterns on all the patches.

Please see this video:

Does that solve your problem? If not, please let me know the specifics of what you are trying to achieve. The latest version of the script in that video can be found here:


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Thank you sir. Sir but i just want to learn how can we use Alias multisurfaces as single in Dynamo. I need isocurves on to that whole surfaces. I have put an image. Can you please make a video on that. How can we make mutisurface into a single surface with explanations. I will ve very thank ful to you.

There is no easy, direct way to get isolines out of such a topology. As you have several surfaces, you first need to re-approximate one surface out of them. If all your cases consist of a topology with 4 outer edges (like the one in your image), I would do it the following way:
Put all curves on each side in one “bucket” (1, 2, 3 and 4 on the following image).
Create a surface, e.g. by BySweep2Rails.
This surface might of course deviates from your original one.
To make it more accurate, you could create isolines on that surface (in green in the image), create points on those isolines (blue), and then project those points onto you original surfaces.
Then you could try to create one single Nurbs surface by using NurbsSurface.ByPoints.

I still think it might be easier you are using the script I showed in the video.


Thank you so much sir. I got an idea. I was trying to make all the patches into a single surface in dynamo. But all we need from the surface is coordinates. So i will attach the surface to make it into a single surface in alias. That is not even effecting the surfaces transition and it is becoming a single surface at the same time. But i have no idea of spans on those surface. Means surfaces with span would work in dynamo or not. That i will check. But thanks for your idea of making a conected surface in alias itself. I am not good at all in this coding i just started 2 3 days back. I wish one day i will be good at it also. Sir is there any resource available on internet to understand the tools of dynamo?

And sir one more thing i would like to know that what this byjoinedsurfaces tool do and flatten tool do

You should definitely read the complete online help of Dynamo, the Dynamo Primer. I started that way. It takes 2-3 days, but really answers like 95% of all questions you might have:

ByJoinedSurfaces: this does pretty much what you asked for on the beginning. I didn’t expect it to be able to handle the topology you show in your picture, but maybe it would? A quick test I just did seems to show it can handle such cases where the surface edges are not going completely through from one outside edge to the other.
On Flatten, are you talking about List.Flatten? If so, as mentioned in my other reply: read the Dynamo Primer. :wink: Flatten flattens a list structure by the given amount, but you can only understands this if you are familiar with the concept of lists in general, which the Dynamo Primer will explain.

Thank you so much sir. I will go through it.
My yesterday attaching surface couldn’t work. That worked but the curves i am projecting on to the surface are also coming with spans.
I will go through this link and check what all i can get from there.