How to use dynamo to change structural slab in to structural floor

i got a problem with my drafting. The structural floors are all incorrectly drawn as structural slabs, in this case. I want to know any ways can use dynamo to change the incorrect category of structural slabs into structural floor without any positional move on drawing plan. I hope someone can provide a complete details to me since i have spend numerical hours to study it by myself.

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Hi @ShawnZhang55


I may make u misunderstand the problems what I get. I want to change the type of structural foundation (slab) to structure floors. will it be possible to do it by Dynamo ?

this is my setting up dynamo, sorry i ma a beginner.


I may have the same problem as well as this guy’s

I want to change the structural foundation (Slabs) category into structural floor. I hope could be able to screen shoot your simple Dynamo Map.

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I basically set up the dynamo map as showing, i want to know why the link of Direct shape.Bygeomatry - geometry reports mistake. And how to how to use PolySurface.BySurface to generate out the system family in revit.

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Shawn, rather than answer your question directly, I’d like help you understand some basic principles of Dynamo that I think will get you quite far. Most of the time, the name of an output that you connect to the input of another node will need to match. This isn’t a universal rule, but in the top of your script you have elements. These are revit elements, look for a node that will help you extract the geometry from those elements, which in your case might match the geometry input on the DirectShape.ByGeometry.
The next input on the Direct Shape.By Geometry is category. What you have input are elements. It is looking for the name of a category. (the node is basically asking what category should this direct shape be? a wall, a floor, etc.)
See if that helps.

Sure, thank u so much for ur kind help and i want to know the functional working. I will re-set up the nodes.

Much thanks Timon

May I to know why. when I connect the SELECT ELEMENTS and run it the DIRECT SHAPE BY GEOMETRY reports warning? But, when it change to SELECT ELEMENT, the DIRECT SHAPE BY GEOMETRY become normal.

One more thing, after the DIRECT SHAPE BY GEOMETRY how I can i generate replacement family of Structural Floor to be saved on Rvit. I hope you can give me some advise.

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hi @ShawnZhang55

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Thank you so much with your kind suggestion, I did some modify with yours working conception which approached with my required.

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