Translate a slab into a roof

Hello everyone,

It’s the first time, I’m using Dynamo so maybe I made some mistakes.
I have to make a dynamo file to translate a slab into a roof.

So I did this :

But I have a problem.
My roof was created but not as a roof family. (A new family without any parameters)

Did I do something wrong ?

Could help me, please ?

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

You created a direct shape not a roof.

Look into the Roof.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel node.

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Thanks a lot, it’s working!

But I have another problem.


When I put Element.Delete, he deletes my floor before to create my roof.

I thinking to use input wait node’s but in my case, it’s better to have a node like output wait.

Create a list of both the original floor and the output of the roof. Then get the first item of that list (the floor), and then delete that. This forces the roof to be created as the list has to have both inputs prior to being made.