Change floor type of an existing floor/foundation slab

How can I change the floor type of an existing floor or a foundation slab to another type inside dynamo?
I have tried using FamilyInstance.SetType but It doesn’t work.

What are you inputting into this node? This node only accepts a familyinstance/ a family type

So what do you recommend to solve this issue?

Could you share this dynamo file/ a revit file? I am having trouble figuring out what is going wrong

@Daan Sorry The files are larger than the forum can handle so here is the link to my google drive.

So basically what I am trying to do is, copy the foundation to a new location and then change their types. so that I can cut them with any other intersecting elements to simulate the insulation.

I figured a way to resolve this and it’s very simply and hoped that i could help anyone struggling.
Just use the Element.SetParameterByName and the parameter name is “Type” and assign the floor type as the value.

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