Convert Solid (Surface.Thicken) in a FamilyType.ByGeometry of Category Slab/Floors


I want to convert the geometry created by my dynamo script in a FamilyType of category Slab preferably, but it could also be Floors.
However, Dynamo was not able to successefully create my Family. There is no error when running, but the family is not being created. I have tried with the category Generic Model but it does not work either.
The Dynamo file is attached to this question. Anyone has any ideas on why this isn’t working?

Any help would be appretiated!
1-094-SA-PAL-EXPO_ATENOR-AQ-R00A_Cobertura2.dyn (38.2 KB)

You’re just missing a few things:

Replace Cone.EndPoint with Curve.EndPoint:

Add a Material to your FamilyType and change the Category to Structural Foundations (you can’t use Floors as a Category for a FamilyType):

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Thank you very much for your quick reply @cgartland. It was very helpful!
Is there any workaround to create a Family of Floor or even Roofs Category ?
I guess I will just stick with structural foundations which is ok!

Not if you want to keep this as a loadable family instead of an model-in-place family (decreases model performance, increased issue frequency). Floors, rooms, walls, etc are all defined by sketches in and later structures in the Revit file directly.

You could try building a native floor by outline sketch, but you may have some geometry limitations based on what I am seeing.