Can't able to set the read only type parameter in dynamo

I am trying to change the thickness of the wall in the type, but cant able to access and got an error saying the parameter is read-only. is there any way to set the read-only parameter through dynamo

Hi SailishCephas and welcome!

@AmolShah posted a solution for your question in another topic:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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You should change the family type instead of type instance to change the thickness of wall

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Hi Does this work for you?

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Hi MVE1112, Thanks for Helping
No, it is not working,

Hi Volkan.isik, Thanks for Helping
This is ok. But is there any way to access directly and change that particular parameter

Does the wall actually have 3 layers? Keep in mind that the layers are from 0 not 1. The result makes me think there is actually only 1 layer. Can you verify?


No, that is only a summation of all the layers in the wall, not something you can change directly.

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Thank Sean, it worked.
There is only one layer and now it is successfull

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