How to transfer Instance parameter data to type parameter?

I am trying to push data from the Instance Parameter (COBie.Type.Material BIM360) to Type Parameter (COBie.Type.Material).

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Please see image:

try this

Hi Thanks for the input.

However I am still getting an error message.

Please see:

down load Rhythm package use SetParameterByName(TypeORInstance) Node it will work

I have downloaded the package and changed the process as you advised, Dynamo says “run complete” but it doesn’t copy from the instance to the type parameter.

Do you have any other advice please?

Number of instances will be more than number of types so list the unique instances that will be equal to types, then get value and set value.

@maltheshkathare , could clarify a bit more as I also trying sort this out ?

hi guys the problem is because of null inputs. means the data should not be null
Try this type parameter.dyn (4.9 KB)

It is simple the number of elements and the number of values (i:e with out null) must be equal…:+1:

Group your families by their type, and then get the instance parameters. If there is more than 1 unique value per group your exercise won’t work very well, as types can only store a single value.

Hi @jnutterLU9EE

If you want to set for specific type you can do this way:

And if you want to do for all the types then this way: