Family parameter values to COBie parameter values - Type integers not copying

I am not that experienced with dynamo, but I thought that I would give it a go as I needed a way of copying standard family parameters to COBie export parameters. I found this: - as it only swapped out instance parameters, I swapped out some nodes (using archi-lab Get Type Parameter and Rythms SetParameterByName(TypeorInstance) nodes) to allow it to swap out Instance or Type parameters.


All going well until I want to copy out integer values for example; copying the value of Rough Height to COBie.TYPE.NominalHeight.
Looking at the output I can see that number values are not being picked up after going through the Get Type Parameter to Number node, however numbers, within instance parameters, are picked up through the Element.GetParameterValueByName node.

After thinking about this and getting no where, I wondered if anyone had resolved a similar problem. I think that the problem is related to the Python script in the Get Type Paramter to number node - I can not quiet work out how to turn the value into a string (the Python script seems to have integer to string already defined). The other problem that I can see is where I am trying to add a number value into a text value.
Any help would be gratefully received.


Started to look at this again and have finally got it to work on a mixture of Type and Instance Parameters - I had to split it to 2excel lists. I am now having a problem where the numbers are still not being read. It seems to read the first number in the excel file but then subsequent numbers and values are not being read - I tried a couple of nodes the turn number into string, which gave a result, but then when turning those numbers back into a string only did the first one, also tried an archilab node which seemed to only read the first row as well. Any thoughts… Please…

Now fixed this problem. Not as elegant as I wished but it seems to be working. I still need to have 2 separate branches for the Type and Instance - with 2 separate spreadsheets. The trick was to edit the GetParamterValueByName(TypeOrInstance) and change the lacing of the Rythem Node Element.GetParamterValueByName to cross product.