How to set parameter of an element that is in a group?



I’m working on a script that will allow me to select all doors within a certain workset and change the value of one of the parameters (Description). Basically, we’re working on a multi-unit project, where the units are grouped and each door within said units should have a “unit” description, however… that is not the case, and since they are grouped, we can’t simply select all within the workset and change them. The end goal is to filter out all of our “unit doors” so we can have a door schedule strictly for the common areas.

Any help would be appreciated.


Kayla :grinning:


Just use a project parameter instead and make sure to set it to “Values can vary by group instance” - then it doesn’t matter if your elements are grouped or not, you’ll be able to write the parameter values without ungrouping. Doesn’t work for all parameter types, but it sure does for strings.