How to set Multiple Instance Parameters into a Single Element?

Hi everyone!


I’m having trouble in setting my instance parameter values into a single element coming from an excel list (Credits to BTM’s blogpost for the ElementSelector codeblock).

In the attached workspace image, I’d like to assign the Parameter Value at index 0 to the Parameter Name at index 0, Parameter Value at index 1 to Parameter Name at index 1 and so on…



What does the warning say?

What structure does your list of UniqueIds have?

Hello Wulfrum,

After getting the value based on Parameter you need to add SIUnit.Value node to extract number from Parameter Value and then pass it to Element.SetParameterByName

Hope that will solve your problem.





Apologies for the incomplete screen shot (I can’t seem to export a full screenshot of my workspace in Dynamo, it’s always cropped)


The warning says (please see image below.)

[caption id=“attachment_8968” align=“alignleft” width=“256”]help1 Warning[/caption]













The Revit Element I’m working on is a single Revit Component with a number of parametric instances -> (heights of a number of adaptive points)

I would like to control them via excel.

[caption id=“attachment_8969” align=“alignleft” width=“300”]help2 Unique ID List[/caption]


[caption id=“attachment_8972” align=“aligncenter” width=“213”]help3 Captured from Revit[/caption]


I would like to be able to change values in Excel and the values to be reflected back into the Revit element.

[caption id=“attachment_8974” align=“alignleft” width=“300”]help4 Excel File[/caption]


Hi Ritesh


I also tried the SIUnit.Value earlier but it didnt help me much.

Attached is a screenshot of the warning it gave me.


Wulfrum, what type is your S1a parameter in the family definition?

maybe there is a type mismatch?

It’s an Offset Parameter under Length set to Instance


That warning shouldn’t appear. Waht version are you working with? Have you tried a recent daily build?

I’m running Dynamo 7.3.3034


Hello Wulfrum,

Is it possible for you to share your Revit and Dynamo files?



The value read from excel is string because it has unit in it “200.00m” you may need to remove the unit from excel and run your graph. Otherwise use following to convert the string to number.



Still doesn’t work


Hello Wulfrum,

Can you please connect output from String.Remove to Watch node and re-post with screen capture.



I am not sure what’s the value returned from your custom node. I was proposing my solution for your first graph in this post, where you are reading from excel and get bunch of strings which you want to pass as parameter to Element.SetParameterByName.