"Element.SetParameterByName" with a list of multiple values for "parameterName"

Hi guys,
I’m a Dynamo rookie and I’m having some trouble importing different lists of parameters from Excel to Revit. For x Revit spaces and y parameters, I would like to import x*y values to Revit via Dynamo.
I managed to do it separating each parameter and uploading them y times with y “Element.SetParameterByName” nodes, but I will prefer to do it with just one list of parameters and one node. Indeed, I will have to upload a large (and variable) number of parameters values, and doing it one-by-one will make me modify the definition for each case.

In the Dynamo definition, I called “Version 1” the script with a one-by-one upload and “Version 2” the other one. As I try to run the V2, Dynamo crashes.
Does someone of you have a tip for solving this problem? Thanks guys!


Multiple Parameters Upload.xlsx (16.0 KB)

Multiple Parameters Upload_v2.dyn (33.3 KB)
Multiple Parameters Upload_v2.rvt (1.0 MB)


Will this work for you?

Or if you want old school this should work.

Thanks you all for the reply!

@Monkey_Puppet I tried your solution, but also managing manually the hierarchy of the nested list, the script has the same problem.

@Matt_Fleming you got it! The old way works great!