Adding multiple parameter values to multiple elements according to their unique ID?

In real world, there are about 4000 elements, all the elements are imported as IFC into revit, and they are all generic models. Each element has a UNIQUE ID and several other parameters.
The ID is unchangeable, but the value of other parameters will change. It’s possible that new parameters will be added or exsisting parameters will be deleted later.

Manully inputting these parameter values and maintaining the changes of the parameter is a tedious work.
So I want to use the excel sheet (each line in the sheet has ID and other parameter values for each element) and dynamo to apply parameters values to elements.

I made a simple example with 5 elements. The ID and other parameter SP1 and SP2 has been defined as shared parameters and project parameters by Dynamo. The ID has been applied manully.

Several questions:

  1. How to apply multiple paramter values to multiple elements according to their unique ID?
  2. When I run Parameter.CreateProjectParameter several times, the dulicated project parameters are created, soI have to freeze the node after project parameters are created.

The rvt (revit 2019), original IFC, DYN, excel and shared parameter file can be downloaded here:

Hi @Xiaofei_Ying,

This should get you started:

Good luck :slight_smile:

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