How to select all objects in a family!

I looking for a way to select all objects of family in Revit project. I join a script that works with direct selection in Revit. I tried family type node but without succes

s !
Thanks for your help

Hard to say without knowing what is inside your python scripts… (and without knowing the error messages you get)…

the second script work (it is for the example) . But the first can not get a list family objet in the block !

As @Jonathan.Olesen says, it’s hard for us to help if we do not know what python code you have written nor have you given us the error message you are getting. Please make sure when you are asking for help on the forum to give either your script so we ca replicate the error or if you have python nodes, to copy and paste the code so we can review.

Having said that, in the first example you are passing a single family type (or symbol). The second example you are passing multiple elements (or family instances). So I can only assume that the out in code operates on a list of family instances and not a single family symbol. You need to adjust the code accordingly and make sure the object you are passing is a list of objects do the for loop is satisfied.

This is probably why it’s failing. Please submit your code for review and we can help further.


Thank you Daniel and Jonathan for your answers but It’s complicated to explain or say what you want because because I speak very badly English. But I find a solution: I used nodes family type and all elements of family (to create my list) .

No problem @arnaudh42000, I’m glad you figured it out. :blush: