Select elements from multiple family types

Hello, I am trying to select all family instances of multiple family types, I managed to do that with clockwork “all elements of familytype+”, but after applying my routine in two files it didn’t work anymore.

I remove the code inside the custom nodes to use on other machines without alot of preparation. I tryed with the original node, same result.

I know that some of the family types in the list are not in the project, but even if I isolate one that is for sure in the project I can’t select it.

I found out that there was a family with type names duplicated in my file. I deleted that family and my routine got back to work.
But this is a problem to my…I want to get all the types with that name.
My workflow now is: I get the type name from an excel database and with FamilyType.ByName I get the family type I want to select on the model.

How can I get all the types with that name?


Nothing? :confused:


I tried with a simple file and the clockwork node works for me…

However I don’t believe the FamilyTypeByName can look for multiple Types with the same name (by lacing for example)


I believe you have copied the Python out of the Clockwork Node, this also works for me…


I suspect there is some other problem.

Could you give us a simple .rvt and .dyn?

FYI, there is a node called Select In Revit in the package Hot Gear.

Hope that helps,