Family type selection issue


I’d like to select all elements of a family type using the Family Type node, but I keep getting empty lists for each family I’ve tried to use it on in my project, meanwhile Select Model Element->FamilyInstance.GetType->All Elements of Family Type works like a charm (although impractical for futur uses).
I have absolutely no idea of why this is happening, is it even normal?

I triple checked, and the selected family types do match in the exemple below.

Has anyone met the same issue?

really weird, with me its just working fine

it a bit long type name, you’re sure its the right one?!

100% sure about the name, which isn’t an issue per se, I’ve tried the node with a ~30 different families, I keep getting an empty list answer.

woow weird!
i really dont know… hope that someone else knows…

Thanks for you time