Select all elements of family type

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At the moment I have a script like below

The issue is its cumbersome to manually select each each lintel and then run the script. Is there a way I can select all of family type instead of manually selecting model elements?

Try This It will work

Is there a way to select everything that is of type 75x75x6ea?

define category name in “String” then u have to sort family type as per “mark” value

Try Like this

Family Type

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thanks but its not quite working with how I need the inputs. Ive tried how vijay suggested but that doesnt work either.

Here is the script to get a better understanding. changes lintel size based on the opening size

Dynamo-ChnageTypeByLength-SHEET METAL.dyn (60.2 KB)

what is the error what you want to achieve?

Don’t try all of them in a single shot try one by one.

so in simple way lets say theres these two lintels. When I run the script the one in yellow( which is the 75x75x6) must be selected. The one in blue must not be selected when I run it.

If I knew how to select elements by placing in ID that would help, I just dont know what the syntax is for that

The issue with the select model element is that its a click and drag process. But if I could select everything that is 75x75x6 that would be perfect

then you need filter by particular parameter for your need.

The All Elements of Family Type node solves this query, so I’m marking that as the solution.

To select by an Element ID use the Element By ID node (newer Revit versions) or the Element.ByID node from the clockwork package.

If you want to select an element by mark or other instance parameter value:

  • Select all the elements of the given category, type, in a view, or otherwise in bulk.
  • Get the parameter value you’re after an Element.GetParameterValueByName node and compare the result to the target value with an == node.
  • Use a List.FilterByBoolMask node to remove the unwanted values from the selection set.

Note that this will require list lacing and levels to be applied if you have a list of target values.

okay but do I replace what I circled in red with what is circled in blue?


is there a way to run these two at different times?

A waitfor method. There is a node in clockwork for this, but you can also use a line of design script like this [a,b][0];

That said there might be a better way as your image is unreadable (use the export canvas as
Image button in the top right after zooming in - looks like a camera). Please start a new thread as this is unrelated to the topic.