How to see the package of a missing node

Hi all, I have dynamo 2.5.2 sandbox just installed. I forgot the way to get the ability to see the packages that missing nodes came from… I think it was some kind of dynamo addin new to dynamo 2.0 maybe?
please advise. Thanks!

These nodes are for Dynamo for Revit.
If you’re only in Sandbox, they can’t work because you don’t have a connection with Revit.

that makes sense. I tried opening dynamo in revit. I have done this before. But somehow I dont have the dynamo 2.5.2 available in revit. In the past there used to be a dropdown menu where you could select which version of dynamo you wanted to run, but I dont see it anymore. Did I screw up the installation somehow?

For Revit 2017, 2018, and 2019 the last supporter version of Dynamo is 2.0.3. For Revit 2020+ the Dynamo installation is part of the Revit installation, and as such there will only be one no version so no selector. I do not believe there is a version of Revit with a 2.5+ Dynamo install released yet.

I am using Revit 2019, can I still install Dynamo 2.5.2 somehow?

Also, in Revit 2020, you still should be able to upgrade, shouldnt you?

Not in a supported way, but you could try and build it. Note that many core components such as the library, background preview, package manager, and such bits may not work or may throw errors such as this as 2.5 uses newer versions of common components than Revit leverages.

Dynamo upgrades in Revit 2020 are controlled by Revit updates. This helps keep the previously noted common components aligned, and allows the Dynamo team to focus on content other than multi version compatibility across multiple hosts.