How to get dynamo 2.7 for revit without losing dynamo 1.3.4

Hello, is there a way to get dynamo 2.7 for Revit without losing dynamo 1.3.4? i remeber seeing a drop down list in dynamo versions past inside the Revit manage tab, but I dont remember how to install them.
All I get with this download is dynamo sandbox 2.7. How do I bolt in onto revit 2019? Thanks!

I don’t think there is a revit version of this yet, this is only the core and installing this for revit is unsupported (although, not impossible if you know what you are doing…but could brick your revit or simply not work).

I doubt there will be a port back to revit 2019 and below, but for revit 2020+ you’ll get the latest version of Dynamo via the next Revit Update when it is released (which will most likely include 2.7) and for earlier versions of revit you’ll be able to download via the download page under the revit section.

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The last supported version of Dynamo for Revit 2019 is 2.0.4. I would not recommend the jump to 2.7 there. Install later Dynamo versions by upgrading Revit to newer builds (ie: the current latest supported Dynamo for Revit version will be in Revit 2021.1).

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