How to resize Watch Node?

I click in the square at the bottom right of the Watch Node and it does not resize, it only moves. Is Watch Node resizable in 0.8?

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Nope. Only Watch 3D is resizable.

Hi Guys, this seems like something very basic and would be great to have incorporated into the program. Thanks

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Agree with Thomas, it is frustrating that the watch node is not currently resizable (d1.2.1), particularly whilst checking list data for consistency.

Hopefully a simple fix.

Check out @Dimitar_Venkov spring nodes package it has a resizable watch node

Maybe @Racel can say something about this? In the mean time, you can use Springs.Watch+ from Spring Nodes. I use it a lot when I need to copy data to the clipboard.


Seems like a universal constant. :slight_smile:

@Einar_Raknes - We have discussed having resizable preview bubbles and watch nodes for a long time. Interestingly, we have been doing tests around this in our dev environment and really see its value. Graphs are so much easier to inspect…

The Dynamo team is actively working on improving the user experience right now ( and, and I could see us doing this in the near future since it seems like there is a lot of interest to have this. For wishlist feature requests, we typically mine github issues (in addition to other user testing/interactions) to determine what features we will work on next. Would someone from this thread mind writing a github issue for this in the Dynamo repo (if there isn’t one already), outlining what you want and why, then assigning it to me? This will help in moving it up our priority list.




Thanks, @Einar_Raknes. This is helpful…More soon…

Ah thanks for this! :wink:

Hi, this thread’s last entry was from May 2019. I’m using Dynamo 2.03 and I can’t stretch the watch node, I’m just checking here in case I’m missing something and need to update Dynamo. Is this feature already available with the OOTB watch node? Thank you!

Hello @leonHKFTG - This never made it into Dynamo back in the past, but is actively being worked upon right now and will surface itself inside of Dynamo 2.11 :slight_smile: You can see the Pull Request here: Adding a view element to let users expand the watch node. by reddyashish · Pull Request #11353 · DynamoDS/Dynamo · GitHub

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Thank you, I appreciate