Feature Request: Re-sizable watch nodes and notes


I use Watch notes a lot to get information back from Python - but most of the time the information will not fit into the Watch node window.

Whilst there is scrolling boarders, a better workflow would be to be able to stretch the window out so I can read everything in one go.

Same applies to note boxes.


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Hi Kevin,

Did you try watch node+ from spring nodes package.

Yes, its certainly an improvement on the standard watch node, but you have to dismiss the watch window in order to work further in Dynamo.

I need to have the window open when working on Dynamo so I can deal with the results…


Re-sizable would be great!:+1:

Is this coming soon, I also like to have this “feature”

@John_CY_Young, it seems to be in the works! How to resize Watch Node?

Thanks for all the comments on this! Just wanted to remind you that if you have a wish list item or feature request, please file a github issue in the Dynamo repo. This will help us when we determine the priority of what we are going to work on.