How to replace empty Space Name cell in Revit Schedule with "Externally Mounted"


I have been requested by a client to provide basic asset information for plant and equipment, of which room name (Space) is one. Unfortunately externally mounted equipment is not within a space, so is possible to populate an empty space name cell with text e.g. “externally mounted”.

Thanks in advance.


Are you asking to check equipment’s space parameter and if it is empty to input “externally mounted”? If so, it should be pretty easy. You just need to get all elements of that category, GetParameterValueByName using “Space”, check if it’s equal to “” (this is an empty string), FilterByBoolMask the original list of elements, then SetParameterByName using “Space” and the value set to “Externally Mounted”.

If you are having any troubles, try searching this forum or post where you are stuck at here and we can help.

Kenny Thanks,

Unfortunately I have never used Dynamo before, would you have a screen shot of a similar string or video.

Thanks again.

The best way to learn dynamo is to jump into the water with both feet. The post by @kennyb6 describes the general workflow which could be used in a graph but we expect you to experiment and try to perform something in Dynamo, and once you show us where you are we’ll help you if you get stuck or have points of wonder. Then you’ll learn a lot more about Dynamo than simply copying a graph. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I jumped in with both feet and landed on my face :grin:
Tried creating a graph based on Kenny’s workflow, see below

Maybe dynamo training is whats required…

All Elements of Category is required after Categories

Thanks m.rijsmus, see below:

Any thoughts on what i’m doing wrong?

Where new values is mentioned create a String node and type: externally mounted in it.
it looks sloppy :slight_smile:

Sometimes landing on your head is the best way to get your head around things :wink:

In addition to the post by @m.rijsmus you should use quotation marks for your parameterName. If you hover your mouse over the input you can read that it expects a “string” input.

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Folks thanks for your input and patience.

I have now updated the graph as per your comments:

This has then been saved into Dynamo player, but as you can see from below the Room Name (Space) is still empty:

For the string space I have used “Space: Name” as this is what it is referred to in the Revit field, is this correct?

Does the string Externally Mounted also need to be in quotation marks?

Thanks again.

quotation marks if you use a code block
without if you use a string node

Hopefully I have it correct this time? :slight_smile:

there is one way to check
click RUN :slight_smile:
you can always use undo in Revit, dont use save in Revit untill you are sure it worked correctly

Unfortunately unsuccessful, space name remains empty of mechanical equipment outside spaces.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated, don’t want to give up on my Dynamo journey at the first attempt :slight_smile:

let me see the result after run please

Is the parameter called “Space: Name”? If you need help checking what the parameter is called, you can use the Parameters node. Insert it after Categories or All Elements of Category and look for the Space parameter, it should have the name in it.

Use what the string is before the “:”. So if it says Space : blah, use “Space” as the input for parameter name.

Hi Marcel, see below

Kenny, tried that, but ti creates warnings

In this pic

i dont see the space, i can see Room Name, and Room Number, but no Space!