How to reduce size of inclined wall in angle

Hi There

Can anyone help me how to change size of wall parallel. As shown in image outer main points are fixed originally, circled in green. Now when i try to reduce (or increase) the size points are moving only horizontally and not in angle (or parallel to wall), circled in red. Please suggest how to counter this problem.

you can use the node Curve.PointAtParameter:

Or use some Pythagoras to calculate the point you need

Maybe like this:

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Hey Mate…

Thanks for that. It’s sorted out now. Cheers…!

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Hey Mate

Further on that, almost the same issue, but now it is for CoG (center of gravity). When i try to offset from CoG it goes straight instead of inclined (or parallel to wall). Can you please suggest anything on this. I need to set elements from offset for structural purposes.

Please start a new topic. Are you creating a new wall with this solution?