Wall.byCurveandHeight not working when changing position of wall

Hi everyone and anyone who is interested in solving my problem!

I’ve just had a course/introduction to dynamo in school and trying to learn more by doing an existing building in dynamo + Revit (AART win competition to add extension to Oslo Viking museum).

The External walls sort of follows the shapes of two 3/4 circles, and thats where the problems start!
I want the inner circle to be adjustable both in size and in position, to be able to play a bit with porportions. I have made lists with points for both outer and inner circle. This lets me do a floor but as soon as I´m trying to create walls problems occur.

The problem seems to be the positioning, cause it works in 1 position. But I cant understand what/why that is since the floor is functioning without any problems and it is using the same points.

This script is working when the position of the inner circle is in another position. Then both the Outer and inner cicle is transfered to Revit.

Any help to understand this issue is appreciated!!