Get Points - outside of wall

Hi, All

I select the wall and get the top surface of wall element. then i get a point by Surface.PointAtParameter. but i get that points as outside of wall instead of inside of wall.(See image)

Rotations of wall is 29° degree.

Please give me a advice how to fix this problem.

I think the problem lies with your 1/5 and 4/5 values.
Try 0.2 and 0.8

Hi, Daan

i tried but same problem.

Use the location line and the height of the wall instead of the surface.

Or use the Isolines and not the u/v division because of the angled wall.

Hi, Bjorn_Keulemans1

Thanks for your reply.

Can you share graph with me?? i can’t understand how to use these nodes.

If you have a lot of walls with irregular shapes you will want to rethink this.

Thanks for your reply.

Your graph is working very well, but placing family that point is not working & Point Z value is change after place the family. (See Image)

Most probably has to do with how your families are built.

Then don’t Translate the points to the Z value. Just place the families like you do now, and then push the Z value into whatever parameter you have to determine the Offset from Level.

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