Changing Column Dimensions based on Comments


I am trying to run a script to strengthen our structural model. There are many columns modeled at 10x10 when in reality these are stud packs. In the comments of each column there is a number, this number refers to how many studs are in the pack. For example, if the number is 3 then 3 x (1.5) = 4.5" that’s how big the stud pack would be. The width of the stud is dependent on the width of the core of the architectural wall. I have little to no experience with dynamo, but would love to improve my skills. Please let me know if you can help.


So you would need to get every column and the wall it intersects, get the core width of that wall to determine the stud width, then multiply by the number in the comments. Most of this would just be reading parameter values. The “hard” part will be getting the intersecting wall type.


Thanks. So far here is what I have.

I am able to change the size of the column based on the comment. I am having a hard time getting the core width of the Arch wall because it is linked into my file. If you have any helpful advice for this that would be awesome.

Another struggle I have is that each column currently in the structural model is 10x10 (bxd) this means that on some walls (b) determines width but on perpendicular walls (b) determines the opposite.

I would also like to get this script to center the columns in the walls, and be able to do every column instead of one at a time.

Thank you.



There are a couple packages with nodes for getting elements in links. I usually go with Get All Elements From Linked Model in the Archi-lab package. You would probably have to get the wall orientation to determine if the width goes with b or d.

How would one go about downloading the Archi-Lab package?