How to query an Element Type as ParameterElement/SharedParameterElement


This is weirdest thing I have seen in Dynamo, I got no idea how to query or get more information of those element types to corresponding to project parameters, what they are, at least what is the name of them.

I tried using the node Element Parameters and I see a curious set of project parameters not added by the user, which are called Electrical Load Classification Parameters, and there are always 36, and the ID is different in each project, which is weird as they look like a buitin parameters and I do not consider they are part of any project file.

Also apart of those unknown 36 parameters, the custom project parameters appear in same list with the others, but I am not able to know more about those elements.

Please if someone know what to those with those ParameterElement types, would be helpful.

I threw on an Element.Name node and came up with a list of what you are looking at.

I don’t know what you are after though.

These look like Electrical Load Classifications which allow Demand Factors to be calculated in equipment loading.

I already know the names of them, but what about ID, GUID, is only read, is instance/type, is in a family or system, what type of unit,type,group,dicipline has the parameter

I think much of this will require Python and parameter bindings. Quite a lot of information available here for similar tasks related to project parameters.

Check out clockwork’s nodes which have exposed python also, and return propertied of project parameters. Builtins i’m not as sure about unfortunately.